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We provide a comprehensive range of quality wood floors. Giving you a choice of hardwoods from four continents and softwoods from the entire northern hemisphere. We are not tied to any one particular supplier or mill, so you can have the best wood floor you can possibly afford. You tell us what you are looking for from your wooden floor and we will find the right product for you.

If you have a strong idea of a particular design that you would like we can find it or even get it made for you.

Whether it is to be wide plank flooring, strip floors, sports floors, hardwood, softwood, parquet or even marquetry flooring we are the right people to ask, because we know where to go. After years of experience in the hardwood flooring world we know choosing the right wood floor is crucial and what is more it is a decision for life, because most hardwood floors will last a lifetime.

Wonderwood Floors: The best decision you will ever make!

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Featured wood: American Walnut

A beautiful fruitwood that is grown throughout the United States and Canada, although mostly along the eastern seaboard.

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